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Welcome to Psychology Associates of Florida

Jonathan Pintaluga, M.S., L.M.H.C

Psychology Associates of Florida’s approach to mental health is based on a deep understanding of the human psyche and a sincere commitment to our patient’s well-being.

We invite you to explore our holistic and empowering mental health services and to join our ever-growing community.

Jonathan Pintaluga, MS, LMHC, began to study Psychology in 2001 at the University Of Central Florida. …

He is eclectic in his approach to psychotherapy to create the right treatment plan for his patients’ needs … Jonathan is a member of The American Psychological Association … providing mental health services to over 15,000 members of the South Florida community …

Jonathan employs a combination of cognitive behavioral, client-focused, and supportive therapy.


I will create rapport with my patients by spending the time needed to build a supportive and comfortable therapeutic relationship. My eclectic approach to psychotherapy creates the right treatment plan for my patients’ needs.

Jonathan Pintaluga, MS, LMHC

Services we’re offering

Therapy for People Who Need Help Today

Navigating life’s challenges requires strength, resilience, and, sometimes, a helping hand.  Below is a comprehensive list of our services, each with a brief description to help you understand how we can support you.

Children’s Counseling Services

We specialize in addressing various issues in children … aiding them in overcoming their challenges and fostering healthy mental and emotional growth.

Adolescent Counseling Services:

Adolescents face unique challenges … strengthening their resilience and self-esteem

Adult Counseling Services

We cater to adults dealing with a range of mental health issues … Our aim is to empower adults to build healthier, more fulfilling lives


Prefer to have sessions from the comfort and safety of your own home? Our virtual services are designed to be flexible and accessible to cater to your unique needs.

Blended Family Issues

Dealing with divorce, separation, and reunification issues can be stressful for blended families.  We provide guidance and support to navigate these changes, fostering a positive familial environment and stronger relationships

Elderly Counseling Services

For the elderly grappling with significant life changes, depression, isolation, loss, and wellness, we offer specialized counseling services. We aim to promote emotional well-being, companionship, and healthy coping strategies to enhance their quality of life.

Additional Services

We also provide Bariatric evaluations, emotional support dog letters (, and support for those dealing with agoraphobia. Each service is personalized to meet the unique needs and circumstances of our clients, ensuring comprehensive mental health support.


Why Choose The Psychology Associates of Florida

Choosing to engage with us implies not only receiving therapy but embarking on a journey of understanding, self-improvement, and overall well-being


Deep Expertise

With the foundation laid by Jonathan Pintaluga, M.S., L.M.H.C., who began his studies in Psychology in 2001, the company has a solid grounding in the field.


Holistic Approach

We provide a holistic approach to mental health, ensuring all facets of a client’s well-being are addressed.


Comprehensive Assessments

Our psychological evaluations through standardized testing give a thorough understanding of a patient’s emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and occupational state.


Empathetic Environment:

The company fosters a supportive and comfortable environment where clients feel safe to express themselves.


Diverse Services

Catering to different age groups from children to the elderly, the company offers a wide array of specialized therapeutic services tailored to individual needs.


Customized Treatment Plans

Personalized treatment plans mean each client gets care tailored to their specific needs.

About ThePsychology Associates of Florida, LLC

Founded in 2023 by Jonathan Pintaluga, M.S., L.M.H.C.

Our small, personable practice is dedicated to providing mental health services to our patients. This is accomplished via a supportive and comfortable environment where clients feel safe and empowered to share their thoughts and feelings.  Our primary goal is to help our patients with a holistic approach. 

We give them the necessary tools and knowledge to solve their problems more effectively. We strive to help them develop their own identity so that they can live a healthier and more meaningful life.

We teach them that through psychotherapy and effective communication, they will discover new ways to cope with stress and anxiety and learn problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills. As a result, they will maintain healthier relationships.

We have highly trained psychologists, licensed mental health therapists, and licensed clinical social workers who serve individuals, couples, and families of diverse populations and ethnicities. Our clinicians perform services in English and Spanish.

Furthermore, our practice provides compassionate care for the elderly and special services for children with learning disabilities, severe adolescent concerns, and addictions. These services are provided by developing personally designed treatment plans that employ individualized treatment modalities.

We offer psychological evaluations through comprehensive standardized testing for all ages. These assessments help our clinicians evaluate patients emotionally, behaviorally, cognitively, and occupationally.

We accept most major health insurance plans. In addition, we also provide a sliding fee scale for clients without insurance coverage.

Public transportation is accessible to and from our facility. We are in the middle of a tri-county area (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach.)

We also have a Hollywood, Florida location, conveniently located close to the Turnpike and 441

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